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Comandos XDCC
« en: Enero 16, 2019, 06:59:30 pm »
Comandos para administradores de XDCC

           ### Info Commands ###
  HELP                 : Shows help
  XDLFULL              : Lists all offered packs
  XDLGROUP [group]     : Show packs from <group>
  XDL                  : Lists offered groups and packs without group
  XDLOCK               : Show all locked packs
  XDTRIGGER            : Show all packs with dynamic triggers
  FIND pattern         : List packs that matches <pattern>
  XDS                  : Save state file
  DCL                  : Lists current transfers
  DCLD                 : Lists current transfers with details
  TRINFO id            : Lists information about transfer <id>
  GETL                 : Lists current upload queue
  QUL                  : Lists current queue
  IGNL                 : Show ignored list
  LISTUL [dir]         : Shows contents of upload directory
 DISKFREE             : Shows free space in upload directory

  CHANL [net]          : Shows channel list with member list

           ### Transfer Commands ###

  CLOSE [id]           : Cancels transfer <id>
  CLOSEU [id]          : Cancels upload <id>
  ACCEPTU min [hostmask] : Accepting uploads from <hostmask> for <x> minutes
  GET net nick n [password] : Request pack <n> from bot <nick>
  CLOSEGET net nick    : Cancel Request for bot <nick>
  RMQ [position]       : Removes entry at <position> from main queue
  RMIQ [position]      : Removes entry at <position> from idle queue
  RMALLQ               : Removes entries from idle and main queue
  NOMIN id             : Disables minspeed for transfer <id>
  NOMAX id             : Disables maxspeed for transfer <id>
  UNLIMITED id         : Disables bandwidth limits for transfer <id>
  MAXSPEED id x        : Set max bandwidth limit of <x> kB/s for transfer <id>
  SEND nick n [net]    : Sends pack <n> to <nick>
  QUEUE nick n [net]   : Queues pack <n> for <nick> into main queue
  IQUEUE nick n [net]  : Queues pack <n> for <nick> into idle queue
  BATCH nick n-m [net] : Queues pack <n> to <m> for <nick> into idle queue
  PSEND channel style [net] : Sends <style> (full|minimal|summary) XDCC LIST to <channel>
  QSEND [id]           : Start an extra transfer from main queue
  IQSEND [id]          : Push entry from idle queue into main queue
  SLOTSMAX [slots]     : temporary change slotsmax to <slots>
  QUEUESIZE [slots]    : temporary change queuesize to <slots>
  REQUEUE x y          : Moves main queue entry from position <x> to <y>
  REIQUEUE x y         : Moves idle queue entry from position <x> to <y>

           ### Pack Commands ###

  INFO n               : Show info for pack <n>
  REMOVE n [m]         : Removes pack <n> or <n> to <m>
  REMOVEDIR dir        : Remove every pack found in <dir>
  REMOVEGROUP group    : Remove every pack found in <group>
  REMOVEMATCH pattern  : Remove every pack matching this pattern
  REMOVELOST [pattern] : Remove lost packs matching this pattern
  RENUMBER x [y] z     : Moves packs <x> to <y> to position <z>
  SORT [field] [field] : Sort all packs by fields
  ADD filename         : Add new pack with <filename>
  ADDDIR dir           : Add every file in <dir>
  ADDNEW dir           : Add new files in <dir>
  ADDGROUP group dir   : Add new files in <dir> to <group>
  ADDMATCH pattern     : Add new files matching this pattern
  AUTOADD              : scan autoadd_dirs for new files now
  AUTOCANCEL           : Cancels pending add and remove actions
  AUTOGROUP            : Create a group for each directory with packs
  NOAUTOADD x          : Disables AUTOADD for next <x> minutes
  CHFILE n filename    : Change file of pack <n> to <filename>
  NEWDIR dirname newdir : rename pathnames of all matching packs
  CHDESC n [msg]       : Change description of pack <n> to <msg>
  CHNOTE n [msg]       : Change note of pack <n> to <msg>
  CHTIME n [msg]       : Change add time of pack <n> to <msg>
  CHMINS n [m] x       : Change min speed to <x> kB/s for pack <n> to <m>
  CHMAXS n [m] x       : Change max speed to <x> kB/s for pack <n> to <m>
  CHLIMIT n [m] x      : Change download limit to <x> transfers per day for pack <n> to <m>
  CHLIMITINFO n [msg]  : Change over limit info of pack <n> to <msg>
  CHTRIGGER n [msg]    : Change trigger for pack <n> to <msg>
  DELTRIGGER n [m]     : Delete trigger for pack <n> to <m>
  CHGETS n [m] x       : Set the get counter to <x> for pack <n> to <m>
  CHCOLOR n [m] x[,b][,s] : Set the pack <n> to <m> to color <x>, background <b> and style <s>
  LOCK n [m] password  : Lock the pack <n> to <m> with <password>
  UNLOCK n [m]         : Unlock the pack <n> to <m>
  LOCKGROUP group password : Lock all packs in <group> with <password>
  UNLOCKGROUP group    : Unlock all packs in <group>
  RELOCK old-password password : Lock all packs with <old-password> with <password>
  GROUPDESC group msg  : Change description of <group> to <msg>
  GROUP n group        : Change group of pack <n> to <group>
  MOVEGROUP n m group  : Change group to <group> for pack <n> to <m>
  REGROUP group new    : Change all packs of <group> to group <new>
  NEWGROUP group dir   : Change any files in <dir> to <group>
  ANNOUNCE n [msg]     : ANNOUNCE <msg> for pack <n> in all joined channels
  NEWANN n [channel] [net] : ANNOUNCE for the last <n> packs in all joined channels
  MANNOUNCE n m [msg]  : ANNOUNCE <msg> for pack <n> to <m> in all joined channels
  CANNOUNCE channel n [msg] : ANNOUNCE <msg> for pack <n> in <channel>
  SANNOUNCE n [m]      : Short ANNOUNCE pack <n> to <m> in all joined channels
  NOANNOUNCE x         : Disables all announces for next <x> minutes
  ADDANN filename      : Add and announce new pack
  MD5 [n] [m]          : Calculate MD5 and CRC sums of pack <n> to <m>
  CRC [n] [m]          : Check CRC of pack <n> to <m>

           ### File Commands ###

  FILEMOVE filename newfile : rename file on disk
  MOVEFILE n filename  : rename the file of pack <n> on disk to <filename>
  MOVEGROUPDIR group dir : move any file in group <g> to dir <dir>
  FILEDEL filename     : remove file from disk
  FILEREMOVE n [m]     : remove pack <n> or <n> to <m> and remove its file from disk
  SHOWDIR dir          : list directory on disk
  MAKEDIR dir          : create a new directory on disk

           ### Misc Commands ###

  MSG nick message     : Send <message> to user or channel <nick>
  AMSG msg             : Announce <msg> in all joined channels
  MSGNET net nick message : Send <message> to user or channel <nick>
  MESG message         : Sends <message> to all users who are transferring
  MESQ message         : Sends <message> to all users in a queue
  IGNORE x hostmask    : Ignore <hostmask> (nick!user@host) for <x> minutes, wildcards allowed
  UNIGNORE hostmask    : Un-Ignore <hostmask>
  BANNHOST x hostmask  : Stop transfers and ignore <hostmask> (nick!user@host) for <x> minutes
  BANNNICK nick [net]  : Stop transfers and remove <nick> from queue
  NOSAVE x             : Disables autosave for next <x> minutes
  NOSEND x [msg]       : Disables XDCC SEND for next <x> minutes
  NOLIST x             : Disables XDCC LIST and plist for next <x> minutes
  NOMD5 x              : Disables MD5 and CRC calculation for next <x> minutes
  MSGREAD              : Show MSG log
  MSGDEL               : Delete MSG log
  RMUL filename        : Delete a file in the upload dir
  RAW command          : Send <command> to server (RAW IRC)
  RAWNET net command   : Send <command> to server (RAW IRC)
  LAG [net]            : Show lag on networks

           ### Bot Commands ###

  SERVERS [net]        : Shows the server list
  HOP [channel] [net]  : leave and rejoin a channel to get status
  NOCHANNEL x [channel] : leave channel for <x> minutes
  JOIN channel [net] [key] : join channel till rehash
  PART channel [net]   : part channel till rehash
  JUMP server [net]    : Switches to a random server or server <server>
  SERVQC [net]         : Clears the server send queue
  STATUS               : Show Useful Information
  REHASH               : Re-reads config file(s) and reconfigures
  BOTINFO              : Show Information about the bot status
  MEMSTAT              : Show Information about memory usage
  VERSION              : Show Information about iroffer version
  CLEARRECORDS         : Clears transfer, bandwidth, uptime, and transfer limits
  CLEARGETS            : Clears download counters for each pack and total sent and uptime
  CHATME               : Sends you a DCC Chat Request
  CHATL                : Lists DCC chat information
  CLOSEC [id]          : Closes DCC chat <id>
  CONFIG key value     : Set config variable <key> to <value>
  PRINT key            : Print config variable <key>
  IDENTIFY [net]       : Send stored password again to nickserv
  HOLDQUEUE [x]        : Change holdqueue flag, x=1 set, x=0 reset
  OFFLINE [net]        : Close given network or all networks
  ONLINE [net]         : Connect to given network or to all networks
  SHUTDOWN act         : Shutdown iroffer, <act> is "now", "delayed", or "cancel"
  DUMP                 : Write a dump into the logfile
  RESTART              : Shutdown and restart the bot
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